Synopsis : The show explores the relationship between Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham, a FBI profiler.


This pilot stands out by the quality of the direction and the introduction of the two fascinating personalities of Lecter and Graham. These elements are even more interesting than the story about the serial killings itself. The first scene is quite fascinating, and quickly and efficiently makes the viewer jump in the atmosphere of the show: dark, violent, bloody, and unreal. This atmosphere keeps on surrounding the viewer during the rest of the episode, through the rewinds, the scenes where Graham “relives” the modus operandi. You feel like you’re trapped in a nightmare, trying to run away. However, you always face a dead-end, no matter what you do. Graham and Lecter contribute to this atmosphere, by their loneliness, smartness and complexity. Graham appears to be the guy who acts weird and therefore, attracts people’s attention; whereas Lecter is the guy above all doubts, the handsome, educated and enigmatic gentleman people respect. Mads Mikkelsen was a good choice and plays doctor Lecter perfectly. Graham’s empathy ability is certainly a useful advantage, but can also turn into a curse that can damage him. Hugh Dancy’s acting totally brings to life the different characteristics of his character.

The pilot is very satisfying and opens the door to interesting episodes. That’s great a network like NBC greenlit this project.


Sériecalement vôtre,