25 sept. 13


Synopsis : Piper Chapman has to spend one year in a female correctional facility.


I really liked this episode. It’s a blend of freshness, fun characters and situations. It balances comedy and drama. It made me laugh and have a great time. Piper had to enter a brand new world for her. Seeing the candid Piper acting like she was living in a hotel; discovering and adjusting to the harsh reality, the rules of the facility and the wide range of different but not so sweet/sophisticated partners was so delightful. Even if Piper’s character is at the center of the storyline (well, her situation kicks off the story), you feel the other inmates won’t be denied or stuck in the role of “the inmate who happens to walk in the corridor”. Of course, due to the number of prisoners, it is normal that everybody can’t benefit from a deep dive into the personal background, but there’s a lot of possibilities. Finally, there’s another point that makes this series different from the others: women are the main characters and represent the majority of these main characters. Instead of following one strong female character leaving her mark in a male-dominated world, here, we focus on several women. Men are also around, but women are the core subject. And it’s good to see a series relying on women.


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