Synopsis: The everyday life of a group of crazy NYPD detectives.




The synopsis of Brooklyn Nine Nine raised my interest, whereas I’m not particularly fond of comedies. It raised my interest because of its topic. Indeed, I usually see (I may be wrong) comedies as stories that, in general, deal with the same themes: dysfunctional but fun/crazy families, friends or people who evolve together. Brooklyn Nine Nine was offering a journey with atypical detectives. In other words, Brooklyn Nine Nine sounded like the funny version of a police procedural. Since I appreciate cop shows, and since I was curious to see how a serious subject could be introduced in a comedy, I decided to watch this pilot.


So what? Well, the pilot is great! It’s a good surprise. Andy Samberg masters his role of the cop who didn’t really quit childhood but is quite smart. His partners in crime are nice and differentiate from each other with specific personalities. Andre Braugher appears like the tough commander in chief keen on procedures at first sight, before showing his character will totally bring his contribution to this crazy team. The comedy side fits in well with the cases. These cases are solved in a very short time and easily. However, it isn’t a big deal: development isn’t easy when you have only 22 minutes. Besides, you don’t expect a thrilling case anyway. Nevertheless, the show should be careful not to turn the detectives into too silly people or it would lose its taste.


Seriecalement vôtre,